General Questions and Answers About Pakistan

Q: Which City is the ―Heart‖ of Pakistan?
Ans: Lahore.

Q: What was the major event of 1971?
Ans : Bangladesh broke away from Pakistan

Q: Where are the Glass factories in Pakistan?
Ans: Jhelum, Hassan abdal, Lahore, Hyderabad.

Q.7 Who was the 2nd Martial Law Administrator?
Ans. Yahya Khan

Q.8 Name the Smallest Division of KP?
Ans. Torghar

Q.9 Jinnah Of Pakistan was written by?
Ans. Stanley Wolpert

Q.10 Shalimar Garden was built by?
Ans. Shah Jehan.
Q.11 Where is the tomb of Iqbal located?
Ans. Near Badshahi Masjid

Q.12 Gadani Beach is located in which province?
Ans. Baluchistan

Q.13 Which country does Karakoram Highway connect Pak with?
Ans. China

Q.14 Name the smallest state by area?
Ans. Malta

Q.18 Reuters is the news agency of?
Ans. UK

Q.19 What does www stand for?
Ans. World wide web

Q. 20 Most urbanized province of Pakistan? ( general knowledge about Pakistan )
Ans. Sindh

Q.21 Black Gold is the name of?
Ans. Oil
Q: Which is the national flower of Pakistan?
Ans : Jasmine

Q: When did Pakistan become a Republic?
Ans : 23/3/1956

Q: Which is the oldest library of Pakistan?
Ans: ―Punjab Public library‖ (1882) Lahore.

Q: Where is Ayub Stadium in Pakistan?
Ans: Quetta Pakistan.
Q: How many languages are spoken in Pakistan?
Ans: 32 languages.
Q: Which is the national language of Pakistan?
Ans : Urdu
Q: How is Pakistan‘s film industry known?
Ans : Lollywood
Q: Which is the national animal of Pakistan?
Ans : Markhor

Q: Which is the national bird of Pakistan?
Ans: Chakor

Q: Name the capital of Pakistan.
Ans. Islamabad.

Q: What is Area of Pakistan?
Ans. 796096 sq km.

Q: What is Area of Islamabad?
Ans: 906 km.

Q: Name the Highest place/peak of Pakistan.
Ans: K-2 Mountain.

Q: Which Pakistani President first went to Russia?
Ans: ―Ayub Khan‖ first went to Russia.

Q: Which Park is the Biggest and first Park of Pakistan and where it is situated.
Ans: ―Ayub National Park‖

Q.23. Capital of Azad Jammu Kashmir?
Ans. Muzaffarabad

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